blue-green glazed ceramic cup

The Art and Craft of Ceramics:
a hands-on exploration

Part seminar, part tea party, this personalised workshop is a hands-on survey of the art and craft of ceramic vessels, one of humanity’s most ancient and expressive art forms.

In a small group of four (maximum), you'll look at, handle, and even drink from a curated selection of antique ceramics. You'll learn about the history and aesthetics of a broad range of ceramic vessels with insight into clay, glaze materials, and techniques.

About the workshop:

  • You'll gather around the studio worktable to explore raw clay and glaze materials for insight into how different types of ceramic work are made.

  • You'll enjoy tea, or perhaps some Mead, from antique cups from Rachelle's personal collection. 

  • You'll get a hands-on look at ceramics from Japan, France, the American southwest, Korea, and one 800-year-old treasure from China.

  • You'll come away with an expanded appreciation of ceramic vessels, how they're made, and their significance in human culture.

After spending four years in Japan training with teachers in three different cities, Rachelle studied at Sheridan College and Emily Carr University before establishing her studio practice, first in Vancouver, and then on Hornby Island. She has given workshops all over Canada and has taught as a sessional for ECU. Over thirty years of her life have been dedicated to studying and making ceramics. This workshop is designed to share her knowledge and deep appreciation of the art and craft of ceramics, as well as to bring awareness of the value this art form can bring to our daily lives.

Rachelle has an undergraduate degree in Languages and Linguistics, a diploma in Hispanic Studies, as well as a graduate degree in Integrated Studies. Her graduate work made connections between tactile contemplative craft practice and ecological identity. She is a passionate advocate of haptic arts practices as central to human expression and enduring arts cultures.

Fee: $45 per person for a 2-hour workshop. The minimum and maximum number per workshop is four participants.

When: Your group can schedule a preferred day and time.

Where: Rachelle's studio in Sandpiper. 

How to sign up: Email for details at porcelaincarver(at)

* This studio is also home to a large orange tabby cat, Anderson Clawes. He's often not in, but those with allergies will need to know the studio is home to a cat.

* Note: This is an active ceramics studio with a fair amount of dust. If you have dust allergies, a mask is suggested.



  1. Such a wonderful and educational evening! Rachelle's passion for her art and the process shines bright. A highly recommended opportunity!!

    1. Thank you, Tom! This workshop is all about enthusiastic and curious participants - you guys had that in heaps.

  2. What a lovely experience! I learned a lot, and really enjoyed the great stories, the hospitality and the company (I did the workshop with a group of friends). Rochelle has so much knowledge and is so generous as a teacher and host. Highly recomended!

  3. Emily Sayward1 May 2023 at 09:10

    A huge highlight for us all to take this workshop during our annual retreat on Hornby. We have all been admirers of Rachelle's work, so it was great to spend the 1:1 time with her, hearing her stories and seeing her passion come through. I learned a lot and it gave me an even deeper appreciation for ceramics. 5/5 stars - would highly recommend!

    1. It was wonderful hosting your group, Emily. What a receptive and inquisitive collection of humans you are!


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