Poem Petal Bone: Elegies for the Lost


We have the absolute privilege of being able to rent our community hall here on Hornby for personal shows, though only for a tiny window of time. Nonetheless, I've booked the space over the first long weekend in July, and plans are underway. 

This show is a mixed media blending of so many pieces of my life, personal history, and a need to turn my subconscious inside out from time to time. 

I've made a series of works that vary in media but speak collectively to a certain sensitivity: the overlooked, unnoticed, forgotten and mystic. This theme extends from people to events, from animate to inanimate objects, and through the human condition. I tell these stories in porcelain, wood, cyanotype photography, and sculpture. So, yes - very mixed media!

I'm sharing stories of details I've observed throughout my life that have been ruminated upon during the pandemic. Every story is a major or minor tragedy with an element of beauty or poignancy. And I can share that it all started with a dream I had when I was four years old of a colossal guardian snake. 

The rest of the story can be experienced in person at the Hornby Community Hall from June 30th - July 5th. If you're on Hornby, come to the opening on Thursday evening from 5:30 - 7pm. It's going to be a lovely evening.